Contract Engineering

Ultimate Contract Engineering Employment

This book is geared to the younger engineer entering the work force who wants to drastically accelerate his or her paycheck increases.

It is also directed at anyone looking to better understand
Contract Employment.

The veteran engineer should know what is in this guide before accepting the next direct job.
In not too many words, the simple fact is that Universities teach engineering, but not how to get a high paying engineering JOB.  And no one really helps you out later.

And certainly not how to find a high paying job quickly.
The advice given is typically out of date for what is happening today.

You need today's workplace explained in today's language.

Current web sites, current tactics, and current politics.
All explained in the e-book.

Ultimate Contract Engineering Employment

Why Contract Engineering for the engineers out there?

Read the published study below.
The data has been the same for decades:

What led to all this for me ???

I agree with the study above... plus...

My tastes have always been expensive.

And even with current needs in hand....

Future expenses are not getting any less costly.


Without question....

Life in general is becoming more expensive every day.

Even if you don’t think you need $150k+ a year you will be surprised how fast the bills of life can add up.


A simple vacation to Vegas requires... basic air fare...

Modest rooming accommodations...

Occasional Ground Transport...

A few relaxing minutes by the pool...

A humble meal at a family restaurant...

And an evening show out on the town...

This simple vacation getaway can run the average engineer thousands of dollars....

You NEED to be financially equipped!!

Trust me,  I know.  I have spent money all across the country.


(And let me say that the contract jobs 'allowed' me to spend more money... than my direct jobs.  Since I made more!)


Even if you are far more practical in your visions than my vacation above...

The costs of a new home, household repairs, or your children's college tuition are not going down each year. 

Every expense in life is going up

Most graduates are not even familiar with what contract engineering is.

Many seasoned engineers who have only had direct employment are not either....

Well you will be, the first time you sit down next to one at your new job and the contractor next to you is taking home


for the same or EASIER work.


You get your money coming in the door of a new company and if you are weak in your negotiations… you will be reminded every time you get in your car, open your home’s front door, or go on vacation.

Contracting is easy to get into, and will greatly help shorten any new engineer's ENTRY LEVEL JOB.

'Entry Level' is not a category you want to stay in long!

I started contracting after 9 months in industry...

I should have started after 6 months !

My first contracting job raised my yearly salary by 80%
less than one year out of college!

With this guide you will know exactly how to do the same.

In my book I retell my path through engineering jobs, and how to take the short cuts to the highest paycheck you can earn.  These are 'personal' shortcuts for your career.

One reason I wrote the book is I would get so many questions from people I worked with!

I have worked at several direct and contract jobs and can give you the run down on how the industry works.

I give solid 'cook book' details regarding where to look, how to interview, and what questions to ask!

I'd have loved to have had such a guide 15 years ago!

I guarantee you will make more money in industry after reading my book.

Significantly more MONEY.


Twice or three times the usual paycheck is a nice thing if you have any interest in financial success.  

Taking home over $100k after taxes helps solve many problems.

Taking home over $130k after taxes solves even more.

($130k after taxes equates to a 'direct' job making $180k/yr... Do you know any close friends making that kind of money?   You will. )

They say it isn't bragging 'if you can do it'.  

And I'll tell you right now you can. 


Do you want to be one of the highest paid people in the office?

Do you want to make more than your boss who has been there for 20yrs?

It’s relatively easy once you understand the principles in my book.


What about benefits?      What about vacation? 

What about ‘stability’ ???

Those are all accounted for in my book

“Ultimate Contract Engineering”

I’ll happily field any questions.

Jeff Huot, Engineer and Author

I look forward to ‘your’ success

I’ll tell you right now, the financially successful sign their own expense reports, name their own vacation dates, and have more stability than anyone locked into a dead end job.

And 'financially successful' definitely describes you as a
Contract engineering may not be a way of life for a person’s entire career, but it sure is a nice way to get ahead once in a while.  Travel and broaden your resume when needed.

It will put an entirely new perspective on money for you.

And that is what financial success is all about. Appreciating what you have, focusing on what you want, and enjoying the process along the way.

Be sure to get the LATEST copy with up to date info.  The book is revised semi-annually.

Read on and prosper.

CURRENT Job listings from friends & friends of friends...

Recruiters keep calling... I need to start forwarding the calls to someone needing a JOB!!!

pssst... the book will help!

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